Much Ado Insider Instructions

Hello Beautiful Insiders!

Below are detailed instructions on making purchases in our Facebook Insider group.  As you probably already know, Much Ado Insider is an invitation-only exclusive shopping group that allows members to have first peek at new Much Ado releases and special discounted pricing on all items we sell.

So, how does Insider group purchasing work on Facebook? It's actually very simple:

1) VIEW THE POST—Much Ado will post a new release according to our published release schedule. The post will have a picture of the item and detailed info on fabric, fit, available sizes and colors, etc. We will also provide instructions on how to purchase the item if you are interested. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE INSTRUCTIONS IN EACH POST. They are super simple, but you have to follow them.

2) COMMENT “SOLD”—If you want to purchase an item, you will need to comment under the main Much Ado post (not under someone else’s post) with: “sold size color”. Our software is very picky about spelling. If you misspell the color or size, the order will not process. Don't worry, if you accidentally mis-type something, our system will let you know and give you a chance to do it again. If you enter “sold size color” correctly, you’ll receive a confirmation from our system within 30 seconds or so letting you know that the item was successfully placed in your cart. The system allows you to comment on multiple items and those items will automatically be added to your cart. For example, if you want to buy a medium dress in both black and white colors, you’d comment: “sold medium black”. That will place the medium black dress in your cart. Then create a new comment “sold medium white”. That will place the medium white dress in your cart. NOTE: The first time you click on the link to our payment system, you’ll be asked to click a button to link your Facebook account to our system. Our system will exchange basic info with Facebook including your email address. Once you register with Much Ado, we will remember you and you won’t have to register again.

3) PAY—Every post will have a link to your shopping cart. From the cart, you’ll have the opportunity to remove any items you’ve changed your mind about. You then will be able to check out using any major credit card and pay for all items at the same time. 


  • If you check out and pay within one hour of commenting on an item, you will have the opportunity to receive FREE SHIPPING.  You also have the option to choose "LOCAL PICKUP" at checkout. 

Pick up location ~
Paris Market Vintage, The Promenade Shops at Briargate
1785 Briargate Pkwy # 711, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

We deliver to Paris Market once per week. If you order items during the week your order will be delivered to Paris Market and available for pickup every Friday afternoon after 5PM Mountain Time.

  • We have a WAITLIST for out-of-stock items. If you comment sold on an item and get the message that the item has just sold out, your request will automatically be placed on a waitlist in the event we are able to restock the item. As soon as the item is back in stock, you will receive an automated email from our system and will have the opportunity to complete your purchase. Keep in mind that we can’t always restock items because our suppliers tend to sell out of popular new releases very quickly. If we can restock for you, we will!  Also note that we have an AUTHORIZED WAITLIST.  For any item in your waitlist, you can choose to pre-authorize a purchase if the waitlist item comes back into stock.  If you authorize an item, you will be moved to the top of the waitlist and an order will be created and charged as soon as it's available.
  • This is very important! Shopping carts in our system expire in 1 hour. When you comment "sold size color", your item(s) will be placed in your cart. Your cart will remain active for 1 hour before the items will be automatically released back into inventory where they will be available to members on our waitlist. Please don’t forget to check out within 1hr!

That’s it! Remember that you’ll need to register the first time you want to make a purchase. After commenting on the item you want, you can check out from your shopping cart and the order will be placed and your item is reserved! You will still have the option of choosing “local pick up” if you prefer to visit our Monument, Colorado store. Otherwise, you can choose “ship” and we will package and ship your item ASAP.

If you have any questions, feel free to email and we will be happy to assist!