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Giving Back

Your Purchases Help Improve The Lives Of Children In Central & South America

A percentage of every dollar you spend with Much Ado Boutique goes toward sponsoring children in poverty-stricken areas of Central and South America and the Caribbean. 

We have chosen to partner with Compassion International to help support their mission of changing lives and giving hope to children worldwide.


Meet Our Extended Much Ado Family

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El Salvador

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Meet Grace Elizabeth


Grace Elizabeth is the newest member of our Much Ado family. She is six years old, the youngest of three siblings, and lives in El Salvador with her single mother and grandmother. Her mother struggles to keep steady employment, which has created hardships for the family. Grace loves to play with dolls, draw pictures, and sing. 

Many El Salvadorans live in urban slums and experience daily hardships from crime, disease, and hunger. After decades of civil war left the country in ruins, violent organized gangs have now spread throughout the tiny nation, and many civilians live in constant fear of violence.

But while the ghosts of the past still haunt this tiny nation, the hope for El Salvador's future is its children. Children like Grace Elizabeth. 


Meet Jesús


Jesús lives in Ecuador, Central America. He is currently in Kindergarten and enjoys drawing and art. He also loves to play ball games and hide-and-seek with his friends.

Most of the families in Jesús's community are poor and live in homes typically made of bamboo and wood.  


Meet Luigi "Stiven"


Steven lives with his parents in the seaport city of Buenaventura, Columbia, Central America. Houses in the area are typically constructed with wood floors, wood walls, and tin roofs. Common health problems include malnutrition and malaria, as well as parasites due to unclean drinking water.

Access to clean water is limited in this region. Children like Stiven often walk long distances to collect water for their families.


Meet Aniara


Aniara lives on a farm in Gonaives, Haiti, with her parents. Her favorite hobby is art and drawing. Aniara is regularly visited by "Survival Specialists" from Compassion International. These Specialists provide access to much-needed immunizations and medical care, as well as food and water to meet critical physical needs.

Haiti is a country of tremendous need, and many children live in conditions that are incomprehensible to most Americans. 


Why Compassion International?


Through Compassion International, children receive educational assistance, occupational training, healthcare, and regular, nutritional meals. We support children through Compassion International because the sponsorship programs are proven to be very effective in positively impacting children's lives. 


Thank you for helping us help them

Thank you for making a difference in a child's life through your continued support of our business. 

With your help, we will continue to add many more sponsored children to our Much Ado Family through Compassion International.

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